Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video Battle

Movie streaming and watching all your favorite movies online is definitely something which you are going to love and do in your part time. There actually are a lot of options out there to watch your favorite movies and shows, but if you are looking for the best, there are two great options for you:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the two leading movie streaming sites out there where you can easily watch your favorite movies and TV shows, and even download them right away. However, if you are willing to choose one among them, then it is quite obvious for you that you would be confused about which to actually choose. So, here we have provided the best references for you to compare between and choose the one which you are actually going to like and prefer.

netflix vs amazon prime video

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: Pricing

Netflix and Amazon have many things out there in common, like the pricing. Even though the prices of monthly and yearly subscriptions might vary a bit, but still, they are approximately equal. However, the thing which you are going to find common between both these sites is that they are quality good in offering trail periods for almost a month to you, so that you can try them out and choose which one is the best and if these sites are actually worth to spend money on. So, go ahead and try them out.

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: Quality

Honestly there is no denying in the fact that both these services are equally awesome and that you are going to love them for sure. You can easily find your favorite quality of movies and TV shows here and if you are willing, you can even watch these shows in top quality, right at 1080p. These sites offer HD movies and TV shows, so there is no denying in the fact that these are top quality.

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: Movie availability

In Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video, you get to enjoy all your favorite shows, but which one is the fastest in uploading your favorite movies? Well, both of them are. There is no denying in the fact that these sites offer top quality service and right with the release, you will find your favorite movies here on these sites.

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: Devices Supported

Most of the times, you might actually want to run your movies across different devices and well, if that is the case, then these sites again won’t let you down, as most of the devices support these services. Why not to try it out?

Top movie downloading sites without signup

When it comes to knowing and getting aware with the best forms of entertainment, we know that you love to watch movies in that case and just when you start feeling yourself in boredom, you go for watching movies, isn’t it true?

But thinking on the different side of the aspect, you need to believe that watching movies every now and then and getting yourself busy with movies lead to much expenses which we know, you don’t like at all because there are better options as well.

And when we are talking about the better options, we are talking about the movie downloading sites and just if you don’t know a few, we are here at your assistance. And starting with that, we are here to help you with the movie downloading websites because you know that movie downloading websites save the money you spend on the movies that you watch. And for this purpose, let’s tell you some of the best sites which you can refer to for downloading your favourite movies.

Top movie downloading websites


Just if you want to download your favourite movies on the local systems and devices that you use, then we suggest you go for this website. Moreover if you want to watch your favourite movies online, then this website won’t let you down for sure. Tubeplus allows its users to download any type of movies.


If you want to watch the latest movies of your choice and very own category, then this site is the best for you. In this website, you can download latest and popular Hindi and English movies download links are available and you can download the full movie in parts. The best part of this website is that there is no need of signing in or registering and moreover, you can download videos for mobiles, tablets and PC.

  1. 99HD Films

Talking a new website going through many changes, this website is the best and a great movie downloading site which you can refer to for downloading movies for free without any registration and it is a great site because this website adds the download link of movies much quicker than any other sites which is the best part. But you will need a torrent client to download movies from this site because it provides you torrent and not the direct download link. So it’s better to recheck before downloading.


When you are just fed of all the ads in many movie downloading websites, we should refer to this website as it could be a great option for you for downloading your favourite movies. You just need to search for the movie you are thinking to download and click on the download button.


If you want to watch movies of different categories, then this website is the best option for you as you can watch and download Bollywood, Hollywood and Japanese or Chinese movies for absolutely free of cost. Not only this but you can moreover choose your favorite movie by the genre you want and category and download them accordingly.

How to Install Cartoon HD for PC

The thing most of us actually love doing these days is having our family and friends around us, a tub of popcorn and a good movie to watch. You may be thinking that it is just possible in the theaters but no, since you have internet and you have the different websites which will do this job for you.

Many of us, however, are quite fond of all the cartoons and other movies like them and if you too are one among such people who actually love cartoons and the movies related, then you must know the struggle of how hard it is to get every cartoon movie online and download them on your PCs.

So for this purpose, we have the application known as CartoonHD app and it is considered as one of the best sources of entertainment for providing you with cartoon movies and cartoons. If you have kids and you want to spend your quality time with them, then we are sure that you would even enjoy cartoons with them and if that is the case, then this app namely Cartoon HD for PC would be one of the best sources movie for the entertainment of your kids. The Cartoon HD is full of kids’ stuff and you will really be glad to show all the shows from it to your kids.

Now talking about the availability, let us tell you that Cartoon HD is only available for Android currently and if you own a PC or just want to watch all the cartoons and other cartoon movies for PC, then we are going to tell you how to install cartoon HD for PC.

How to install Cartoon HD for PC

Firstly for running any application of Android on your PC requires you to install an Android Emulator. So if you have an Android emulator installed on your PC, you are good to go. If no, then you will need to install an Android Emulator. Out of the many available, BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators.

  1. You can download BlueStacks from HERE.
  2. Now go on and install BlueStacks on your PC’s by clicking the download button.
  3. After BlueStacks has been downloaded successfully on your PCs, install it right away.
  4. Now launch the BlueStacks as it has been successfully set up.
  5. Now, you will need to download the APK file of the Cartoon HD and you can download it from HERE.
  6. Now you will need to go to BlueStacks and click on the option of “Add an APK file”
  7. Explore and open the APK which you downloaded in step 5.
  8. Install the app and you will be easily able to run Cartoon HD on your PCs.