Top Reasons to Visit Honolulu in 2020

reasons to visit honolulu

In case you have been postponing your visit to Honolulu, at that point, 2020 could turn out to be an ideal time to finally plan your trip to Honolulu. Read on, and you will find out why you should visit Honolulu in 2020.

The destination has to offer a great deal to explore, sightseeing, taste, and fun activities. In this case, amongst top destinations is the Oahu, not only in the US, however, on the entire planet. Honolulu has the privilege to be the home to Hawaii’s state capital, and Oahu is an incredible attraction for tourists having marvelous islands.

Honolulu International Airport is the state’s principal airport that facilitates both international as well as domestic carriers throughout the globe, turning out to be useful to get to. In addition to several alternatives to hotels in Waikiki and all through the island, settling on the place to rest during your visit is simple. Moreover, Honolulu greeting is likewise amongst fascinating attractions.


  • If you are fond of surfing, at that point, the place has amazing conditions intended for surfing in light of the fact that they probably have the best waves in the region. In addition to surfing, there are some other sports that are famous; in this case, the list includes scuba diving or stand up paddle boarding.


  • The destination has to offer incredible beach life. You can give a shot to Makupuu for the ideal combination of sun, sea, and sand. Here, you cannot overlook the tasty cocktails and extraordinary swimming/snorkeling options at Hanauma Bay.
  • Pearl Harbor truly captivates the tourists. In this case, the must-see places are the museums and memorials for a lasting memory.
  • The well-known landmark of Diamond Head simply sits above the Waikiki, which is incredible to expand the horizon. These days, it is a mainstream hiking destination.

Hanauma Bay

Town recognized as Hawaii Kai is Hanauma Bay situated on the east side of Honolulu, one of the most renowned places on the whole island intended for snorkeling. The bay, dipped into a crater with an exquisite area of brilliant sand, is a nature reserve and marine haven.

At the point you get to the Hanauma Sound, you’re ordinarily required to watch a short video regarding the marine life and its protection, after that you would be able to take the short hike to the base of the crater to get to the beach and get in the calm, clear water.

Hawaii Island

The enormous island is renowned for its volcanoes and lava. It is the earliest of all the islands and is right now despite everything developing. Take a quick trip and witness the most dynamic volcano on the planet, Kīlauea, which has been blowing for more than thirty years.

The Weather

At the time of deciding on the vacation, the prominent aspect most visitors search for is suitable weather. Fortunately, the destination has the absolute best weather. Whereas the islands have to offer a drier season, (which is summer) and a wetter season, (which is winter), and the temperature remains generally consistent.

Moreover, the islands stay lush green as it rains, each island has a territory where the sun sparkles pretty much each day of the year. The calm winds make for an ideal day in heaven; at the point, the trade winds blow.

Hike up Diamond Head

When you are in Honolulu, amongst fascinating activities is the hiking, and in this case, Diamond Head is outstanding amongst other hiking spots near the city itself.

It offers a marvelous background from Waikiki Beach as well as encompassing sights, and the place is part of the Honolulu Volcanic series that you won’t have any desire to miss. You don’t need to worry because the volcanoes are currently inactive.

Extraordinary Marine Life

At the time of discussing marine life, you need to be aware of the fact that the official state fish of Hawaii is Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. The official state fish is also recognized as the rectangular triggerfish, is only one of several exceptional marine lives live in the waters of Hawaii. You’ll undoubtedly spot one at the Hanauma Bay Nature Park, in the event that snorkeling is amongst your planned activities in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Monk Seal is likewise amongst other marine creatures local to Hawaii. The rare cuties are, for the most part, spotted off Kauai south shore; however, they have likewise been located from Kaena Point in Oahu. In the event that you love marine, the destination is unquestionably the best intended to snorkel and opportunity to witness the exceptional marine life.

Both the state, as well as federal law, protects the entire turtles in Hawaii. Therefore, it is not allowed to kill, catch, touch, or harass sea turtles. In this case, the fines are excessively expensive, along with one year in prison.

Sightseeing in Honolulu

There are several activities and top attractions, including snorkeling/swimming in the perfectly clear waters to observing hula dancing with professionals on the beach, there’s no lack of energizing activities intended for families and travelers irrespective of the age.

Along with a combination of traditional songs, dance, and scrumptious food, luaus are a joyful addition to Hawaiian culture that anybody can take advantage of.

In case you intend to explore more about history, the Bishop Museum uncovers increasingly more about the history and culture of Hawaii and other Polynesian groups. Those searching for a really mitigating vacation can have the benefit of Honolulu’s several spas that offer interestingly Hawaiian massages and treatments.

In case you are amongst the individuals who are adventurous, there are a lot of alternatives to attempt something new on the beach, including:

  • Diving Certification Lessons
  • Parasailing Experiences
  • Jet Ski Rentals

Or any blend of the exciting water activities.

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