Types of Fixed Blade Knives and Their Uses

Fixed blades knives are opposites of folding blade knives. They are immovable and fixed at a certain place. The blades of fixed blade knives cannot be folded. It is also known as a sheath knife. It is often considered durable because the blade is fixed and in case of emergency, one can protect himself right away. While with folding blade knives at the time of an emergency or attack, you first have to open up your folding blade. There are many types of fixed blade knives in the market. They come in a different size, length and shape.

United cutlery fixed blade knives are quite popular among people who love to collect sharp knives and blades. Fixed blade knives are used for various purposes. These fixed blade knives are quite valued for their strength and durability, which makes them more dependable and reliable. Fixed blade knives are used for dozens of tasks every day.

Here are some types of fixed blade knives listed below:

  • Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is generally used by hunters. The main purpose of this knife is to be used for food preparation, cleaning the animal, skinning, and cutting up the meat. It is not like a hunting dagger which is used to kill or hunt the animal. Sometimes hunting knives are also used in the wild other than cleaning and preparing food.

  • Bowie Knife

It is a heavy-duty sheath knife that contains the single edge, long blade. These knives are typically larger from other united cutlery fixed blade knives with impressive cutting power. Bowie knives can be used for different scenarios. It is available in blades lengths between 6 to 24 inches. Bowie knives can also be used as a hunting knife. It provides plenty of strength to the hunter for field dressing prey and skinning. A bowie knife has quite a comfort grip, which makes penetration easy to reach places on a kill.

  • Throwing Knife

It is a tapered knife that contains a very sharp point along with double-edge blades. It is particularly designed to be thrown exactly at the target. It is not an ordinary knife; they make up a class of their own.

  • Survival Knife

As explained above, bowie and hunting knives can be used in survival conditions. But if you plan to hike or in an area where it is possible to get stuck in highly important to have a designated survival knife.

These knives are intended to be used in the wilder environment. People who spend more time in the mountains, deserts and forests should carry a survival knife. Military units train pilots to use survival knives in case they are shot down by the enemy. These knives have many unique functions that make them irreplaceable in survival situations. Survival knives can be used for trapping, cutting woods, skinning, craving and much more.

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